5546 – Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

3 credits. Lecture.


Forensic accounting continues to be one of the hottest areas in accounting. This course will first increase your familiarity with opportunities where forensic accounting is gaining utility, and second, establish a mind-set to engage these opportunities that includes skills and abilities not typically taught as part of traditional accounting instruction. You will develop an approach to an engagement using accounting and non-accounting (investigative) skills, learn the importance of verbal and written communications skills, and gain an appreciation for both perspectives on either side of a debate, dispute or issue that will prove invaluable both within and outside the context of forensic accounting.

The course is designed similar to actual real world experiences of new accountants within a firm. Initially, it is similar to the group orientation new hires receive upon hiring, and the class will work together within the threaded discussion just as new hires would complete orientation as a group. Then orientation ends, and new staff are assigned to engagements. Some staff may continue to interact and work together while on a new engagement, the remaining new hires may never see and interact with each other again except at training and firm functions.