5505 – Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional

3 credits. Seminar.

Required Course

Open to students in the Accounting M.S. program.

The groundwork for three fundamental issues that are embedded throughout the curriculum in the MS in Accounting Program will be set. First, you will explore the foundations of the accounting profession. Topics will include, but are not limited to the role of personal and professional ethics and ethical ideals in the conduct of a professional, the importance of an auditor in serving the public interest, the cultural significance of accounting, and the regulatory environment governing the accounting profession. Second, you will be exposed to the use of technology within the profession and learning environments. Third, you will apply the concept of information literacy to help ensure continued professional development throughout your career as you develop the skill set to identify an information need, efficiently select information resources relevant to that need, effectively retrieve pertinent information from those relevant resources, astutely synthesize that information into a form that responds to their initial information need, and lastly, articulate the fit of that response to the need as you seek to become a critical user of a variety of information sources within the profession.

Authentication and academic issues are addressed various ways in each course but are more thoroughly explained during this course.