MS in Accounting

The innovative, specially designed online MS in Accounting program allows you to take full advantage of the quality courses for which UConn is so well known combined with the flexibility of a primarily asynchronous online education. We focus on issues relevant to today’s accounting professional, rather than being driven by the content and structure of textbooks as are traditional courses.

Each online accounting course includes topics that broaden accounting education. Our goal is to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to become a competitive and successful accounting professional.

Plan of Study Options

MSA courses are only offered in an online format. Students must complete ten courses to complete the MSA program, eight of which are electives and another two courses that are required. All students must take ACCT5505-Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional

The three most popular plans of study of courses are listed below. Other schedule combinations, including taking one course a semester, are possible and easily arranged. Please contact the Program Manager for advice or email at

30 semester credits are required for completion of this degree.

Full-time Options

  • 10 Courses Over Three Semesters*
    Students take 3 courses over each of the 12 week semesters and also take the 3 week required ACCT5505 course in either fall or spring semester, thereby completing the program in a year
  • 10 Courses Over Two Semesters
    Students take five courses in the first term and five courses in the following term finishing the degree in eight months.

*Advantage – provides students with full-time status taking three courses a semester to continue to defer student loans, ability to remain on family health care plan and providing time to prepare and sit for the CPA exam concurrently as well as access to full range of course offerings.

Part-time Option

10 Courses Over Multiple Semesters. Students may choose to take one course a semester.

Because of the intensive nature of this program, students working full-time are discouraged from taking more than two courses a semester.