MS in Accounting Pre-requisites

International Applicants

The US Government will not issue visas to students to come to the US for online education. International students are welcome to apply if their plan is to participate in the program outside of the US or from their home country.

Undergraduate Experience

An undergraduate degree in accounting is not required for admission to the MSA but applicants must have an undergraduate degree and have completed seven accounting courses:

  • Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Managerial Accounting
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting I & II
  • Cost Accounting
  • US Federal Income Tax
  • Auditing

UConn students who complete the minor in Accounting will have satisfied all of the necessary pre-requisites and therefore are eligible to apply for the MSA.

If you are not a UConn student minoring in Accounting, did not major in Accounting or do not meet these requirements, consider our Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals.


The minimum required GMAT is 500 and 3.0 GPA both overall and in accounting. In recent years incoming classes have averaged above 565 GMAT and 3.5 GPA.  The program has considered a GMAT and GPA average of 550 and 3.2, respectively, as targets, although admissions for the past five years have far surpassed these averages. Prospective applicants who don’t meet these targets can contact the Program Manager (email to to discuss their individual situation. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.  GMAT waivers may be available.

Candidate Profile

We expect that candidates to the MSA program will:

  • demonstrate a strong desire to learn;
  • have strong communication skills;
  • have achieved success in academic and non-academic endeavors;
  • are self-motivated and are comfortable working independently and in groups;
  • are those who can choose the right thing to do particularly under tight deadlines;
  • and will conduct themselves in a manner so that we will be proud to call them alumni.

Work Experience

There is no work experience requirement.