Online Learning Advantages

A benefit to UConn’s online accounting program is that it focuses on the skills associated with both short and long-term professional success. How? Our program makes the most of the unique features of working online, including focusing on information literacy, also known as “learning to learn,” which is the process of identifying a problem and information sources, evaluating information to make a judgment, and then to communicate that judgment. We also stress student-centered learning, which is shifting the responsibility for learning from the instructor to the student, much as a professional must learn in the field when issues arise. Both information literacy and student-centered learning produce individuals who can succeed in challenging work environments.

Three key online learning advantages of our Master in Accounting program are flexibility, quality, and relevance.


We have designed an online community™, which means that there is significant interaction among students and between students and faculty. Our faculty and their grading assistants interact by phone and email, participate actively in discussion boards and chat rooms, and provide extensive feedback on assignments. Exams and quizzes are timed and open book. Some exams are proctored using ProctorU.

Degree Conferred

The degree and transcript identify the degree as a Master of Science in Accounting and do not refer to “online.”