Flexibility to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our online accounting program allows you to fit learning into your personal and professional schedules because most of the activities engaged in throughout our curriculum (e.g., assignments, discussion boards, quizzes) are asynchronous with some exceptions like exam and required group meeting times. Online courses allow you to participate at a time that is conducive to your schedule and within a framework that establishes weekly session outcomes and deadlines for each course. Additionally, we have designed a curriculum that can be completed either full-time in eight months or part-time over multiple semesters – or design your own program schedule.

An Asynchronous Education

Asynchronous refers to fulfilling course objectives through activities that do not need to take place at the same time for all students. An example of an asynchronous activity is the discussion board or threaded discussion, where students post to the board when it is convenient to them as long as the activity is completed by a pre-determined date. This contrasts to synchronous, which means that the activity takes place at the same time for all students. In our program, an example of a synchronous activity is an exam that must be completed by all students in a class during a 3-hour window or required group meeting times, where you meet with your group during an agreed upon time during the week. While our program is primarily asynchronous you will find synchronous activities, like those mentioned above, in all of our MSA courses.